Pocketbook pages / bigger series

Gaza or Lake Balaton?

painted object, acryl, wood, canvas
60 × 90 cm, 2011

While the question of the fleet of support was under discussion in the Gaza Strip (nine or more pro-Palestinian activists are said to have died in the attack against the fleet), we were obsessed with problems around watering the flowers during our holiday, and even that was not turning out any good. As my family was loafing around, a question burst out of me – Why is it that we spoil the simplest things just like that, and try to correct our mistakes in the exact same way? – and now I don’t mean the Gaza Strip, which is a fully complicated story. While Kata and the others were idling, Mom was struggling to prevent the flowers from drying out completely, and finally found it better to replant all of them.
I was thinking about how much we resembled each other. My mother and me. Even in things like this. Just like her, no matter how hard I tried, I could not handle her flowers. While she was on holiday, she entrusted them to my care. Of course she noticed when I planted something totally different in the place of the no idea what kind of flowers after they had definitely died out. The change was quite striking. And the situation familiar. Mom was just laughing.

June 2010