Eszter Sipos: Pocketbook pages

The diary is probably one of our most personal objects – the objectified form of an inner world, which is nonetheless linked to the age in which it is written, being its document. Why do we write it? To whom? These will always remain questions. We engage in a fictitious conversation which we re-read from time to time: what happened, when and how did it happen? We cover the difficulties, the secrets, and this relieves us to some externt. The painted diaries represent these feelings visually, adding content in pictures to the events and observations.

The way we write tells something about us. What has happened to us is decisive, although that also depends on the circumstances, while the essence of it is our opinion about the things we lived, about the news we heard, and about existence as we know it.

I was especially attached to one of my diaries. I bough it on a journey, and that was when I began writing in it. My first series was born from this piece, which had yellow pages and was covered with ornaments. I enlarged it with all the details. The pieces of my subsequent diary series could even be opened and closed. I wanted the secret that is present in opening a book-like object to be experienced in my diary objects as well.

Pocketbook pages / small series

Pocketbook pages / bigger series