Pocketbook pages / bigger series

Hanging the beer into the river

painted object, acryl, wood, canvas
60 × 90 cm, 2011

We are not going on a canoing tour, though it used to be our main summer program. We have paddled on the River Tisza, in the Szigetköz, on the Mosoni-Duna and the Sajó. I miss it now, even if I used to curse the lesser and greater hassles. Any hiker would definitely like an automatic tent which could open and fold up by itself; and be cleaned by just being thrown in the laundry. It was great to paddle together, to hang the beer in the water to cool, to gather and eat under the trees and to play soccer barefoot in the evening as a vent. I loved these things, the plans to ’go rafting next time’ because whitewater canoeing must be much better. But we did go to Prague. A few David Černý statues can be found in the city. I could not decide which was more absurd: the statue couple peeing on the Czech Republic in front of the Kaffka Museum, or the faceless and naked crawling giant babies on Kampa Island. Prague embraces Černý, which is quite positive.

When we came home, one of the biggest news was that Ratko Mladic was arrested. The former Bosnian Serb military commander, a fugitive for 16 years, is wanted by the International Court of Justice investigating Yugoslav war cases, for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed between 1992 and 1995. He was caught where his family comes from, in Lazarevo (the Land of Lazarus).

28 May 2011