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We stayed a lot in our shells lately

painted object, acryl, wood, canvas
60 × 90 cm, 2011

We stayed a lot in our shells a lot these days. It may have been for good things, too, but that is not the case just now. I came to think about this: while Kata stayed in her shell because of Adam, he was roller-skating with his lads, or while Zsuzsi stayed in her shell because of Attila, he was diving; in any case, they were obviously having a good time. At times like this, I would rather be a man and not keep thinking about what I could have done differently.

I secretly feel that a breakup can bring out a lot of things in us. Sometimes we only realise in retrospect that while we were adapting to the other, we almost gave up certain desires, a piece of ourselves.

Zsuzsi is finally off to Barcelona with her friends.

24 September 2011