Pocketbook pages / bigger series

How far can you go?

painted object, acryl, wood, canvas
60 × 90 cm, 2011

There is a limit to care.
There is a limit to idleness.
There is a limit to love.
There is a limit to amusement.
There is a limit to hatred.
And to many other things.
The question is how far can you go.

28 June 2011

I could hardly wait for the evening. I had an idea at the back of my head all day that how good it would be to go and sit down in Gödör. But finally we went to another place. We ended up at the Night of Museums in LUMU. There was already a crowd in front of the building. We were visiting the Moholy-Nagy exhibition with Zsuzsi. Then we saw the Mladen Stilinovic exhibition as well which was more than schoking. He had quite a lot of interesting things. I can particularly remember one of his thoughts according to that nobody wants to see that the property of the world’s three richest people is just as much as the world’s 600 million poorest ones’ all together.

Last night, we came to some serious decisions. No more trust in promises. You cannot be crippled by desires any longer. If I have a nasty feeling in connection with something, I won’t commit myself. The future must be planned more consciously – this is especially difficult. We are planning and somewhere else people are fighting and suppressing. In Libya, Syria and Iran, they are trying to break the revolution by raping the resistance fighters both men and women. Muammar Gaddafi ordered the mass rape of women. Soldiers are said to get Viagra-like drugs in piles to that.

29 June 2011