Pocketbook pages / small series

The spiral of aggression

painted object, acryl, wood, canvas
29 × 43 cm, 2011

This Norwegian mass murder shocked me in a different way than 11. September 2011 did. Suddenly, I found myself thinking about the people surrounding me. What could be going on in their very inside? Plenty of things we do not know anything about. One thing is sure. We’re not planning any assassinations and we’re not trying to free Europe from immigrants. We’re not disturbed by multiculturalism and it’s not going to change. There have been small changes but they don’t concern principles. These days Kata visits me more often. She tells stories, asks questions and we discuss what happened. … The thing is that we can get violent as well. Many times we don’t know either who or what causes this aggression. But we would like to know. Habemas indicated a long time ago that communication explains a lot of things. It is worth paying attention.

Distorted communication is the key to the spiral of aggression.

After 22 July